MUSIC INDUSTRY NOTES: What to consider in a Mixer Agreement

Published September 21st, 2020 | Kristina Didero

A song is written, the instrumentals are arranged, and now it’s time to get into the studio and record it. Typically the first step is to individually record each instrument playing the song from start to finish so that you end up with a number of different tracks. Next, the music is edited to adjust the tempo, timing, or pitch of any of the performances. Then, the music producer hands the files off to a music mixer who will adjust the levels of the sound and put the tracks together. The elements of the sound like reverb, compression, volume, and more, are manipulated to create depth, tone, and clarity at this stage. With the expansion in the variety of ways music can be played (i.e. car, laptop, portable speaker, smart home speakers, etc.) it is vital that the mixer ensures the mix can adapt to the formatting of different channels without ramifications to the audio quality. With an experienced mixer in your corner, the music can be fine-tuned so that any change in sound quality from device to device goes unnoticed. Basically, mixers are your best friends.

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Normandie Records teams up with MOLAA for 2019

In 2019, the Museum of Latin American Art (MOLAA) will be the official host for the premiere of “Somos Arte: The Creative Movement of El Salvador,” a documentary project about a grassroots arts movement in the country of El Salvador.


About Somos Arte: The Creative Movement of El Salvador

Normandie Records presents, Somos Arte: The Creative Movement of El Salvador, a documentary production highlighting the grassroots arts movement currently taking place in El Salvador.

Without history of a sustainable arts economy or assistance from the government to nurture its national art, Somos Arte: The Creative Movement of El Salvador will shine a light on the inspiring story of a collective who has single-handedly brought independent music to national prominence. With no signs of slowing down, they are redefining how the rest of the world perceives their homeland.

The documentary takes you into the heart of this movement with exciting interviews, behind the scenes footage, and an exclusive look into the lives of these artists.


A story decades in the making, Somos Arte: The Creative Movement of El Salvador is scheduled to premiere at MOLAA in 2019 as part of a 2 day festival at the museum featuring live music, food, meet and greets, panels, and much more.

To learn more about the project and watch the first official trailer visit

Normandie Records teams up with Indie Colectivo of El Salvador & Central America

Normandie Records is excited to announce an upcoming project with Indie Collective from El Salvador & Central America. For the last couple of years this special collective of trailblazers has been redefining the landscape for independent musicians all across Central America, and we’ll be bringing some of their music your way! Stay tuned!

In the mean time follow Indie Colectivo: