The Normandie Records Podcast

A podcast hosted by Erick Sanchez, founder of Los Angeles based record company Normandie Records. Listen as guests take us through their creative journey and the experiences that make them who they are.

Episode 33: Kevin Smokler and Christopher Boone of Vinyl Nation

On this episode we have Kevin Smokler and Christopher Boone, directors and producers of the documentary film Vinyl Nation. https://vinylnationfilm.com/ Vinyl Nation is a documentary film about the resurgence of vinyl and how it impacts everyone from old collectors, new collectors, pressing plants and record shops. 

In this conversation we discuss the inspiration behind the film, what Kevin and Chris hope viewers take from their film, and of course vinyl record collections. 

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Featured music: 44 by Gabriela Triste

Episode 32: Going over Spotify’s Fan Study

Spotify released Fan Study. Fan Study is a collection of data covering listeners behavior in different genres, regions, and how it affects artists and labels. This comprehensive data can bring tremendous value to your project. On this episode we go over and share some thoughts about the data and what it all might mean. See it for yourself here https://fanstudy.byspotify.com/ Make sure to subscribe and follow! Thanks for listening! Make sure to stream 44 by Gabriela Triste https://open.spotify.com/track/3Gn962gGpLTSIybzi2JBKm?si=-Byt8qa_SmOUHfER1SKUgQ

Episode 31: Lea Landaverde of Landaverde Collective

On this episode of the podcast we have Lea Landavere of Landaverde Collective, an equal opportunity advocate and provider for the BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) and LGBTQ+ communities. Landaverde Collective exists to provide relief and opportunity to disenfranchised people and groups, and seeks to provide a new life for its clients. Find out more about Landaverde at https://www.landaverdecollective.com/about. We discuss Lea’s journey, how she aims to help small business owners, and the much more on this episode of The Normandie Records Podcast.

Featured Music:

Chica Cosmica by Volcanicos Del Ixtla (Out May 14th) Autumn by Banana Leaf Boy Recuerdos by Clement


Short episode this week! Erick shares his thoughts on mental health, mental health awareness month, and a few upcoming releases at normandie records. If you enjoyed this episode make sure to subscribe or leave a nice review on the apple podcasts app! Thank you for listening the normandie records podcast.

Episode 29: Byron Gonzalez of Latin Alt Radio

New intro, new artwork. New episode! 

Episode 29 features an interview with Byron Gonzalez. Guatemalan born and Los Angeles raised, Byron Gonzalez graduated from California State University, Northridge with a Bachelor’s in journalism, with an emphasis on broadcast. Shortly thereafter, Gonzalez became the program director of Los Angeles’ only 24-hour Latin Alternative radio station, The Latin Alt (latinalt.org). He’s also a Latin Roots correspondent for NPR’s World Cafe program. He has dedicated his career to highlighting a wide selection of music from established, emerging and independent artists with roots in Latin America, Brazil and Spain.

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Featured music: “Adios” by Banana Leaf Boy

Stream adios here: https://open.spotify.com/track/7qoZzANNlkhGVQXIfQFrLo?si=3fb4c856fca6428d

Episode 28: Ellie Guzman

On this episode we have Los Angeles based author, blogger, writer Ellie Guzman. We discuss Ellie’s book Rags to Rags, the inspiration behind the book, attending USC, the process of writing a book, and much more on this new episode of The Normandie Records Podcast. 

To support Ellie Guzman visit https://ellieguzman.com/

To order “Rags to Rags” visit https://www.indiebound.org/book/9781646693375 to order from your local book store. 

Episode 27: Marcela Vega – Artist Manager

On this episode of The Normandie Records podcast, we have artist manager Marcela Vega. She talks about the work she is doing in the Salvadoran and Central American music industry, how she became a manager, her time studying in the UK, early experiences with music and much much more. Thanks to Marcela for coming on to the podcast. Support her artists Camelo and AR Ferdinand by streaming their music.

Episode 26: NEU FC (LA)

On this episode we have Rene and Brandon of the lifestyle apparel brand, NEU FC. We talk about their origin story, the importance of acknowledging unsung heroes, collecting soccer jerseys, MLS, the 1994 world cup and much much more on this new episode. 

Episode 25: Irene Diaz

On this episode we have singer songwriter Irene Diaz and her wife/bandmate Carolyn Cardoza. We talked about the early days of their songwriting journey, latest projects, recording in Mexico, their growth as artists, and the difficulties of being an independent artist. Thanks to Irene and Carolyn for coming onto the podcast. To learn more about Irene visit her website at https://www.irenediazmusic.com/ or stream her music on all platforms!

Episode 24: [ARCHIVES] Interview with Radio No Jodas (2018)

On this episode we flash back to Erick’s conversation with Radio No Jodas in 2018. Erick talks about working with artists in Central America, and the influences that led to the collaboration. Erick also talks gives a bit of advice you songwriters and artists.  Thank you for listening to the Normandie Record Podcast!

Episode 23: Booking Agent Christian Morales

On this episode of The Normandie Records Podcast we have Christian Morales. Christian Morales is a Los Angeles based independent booking agent who books U.S tour dates for Latinx artists. Currently working with Space Agency, some of his current and past clients include Gepe, Javiera Mena, Alex Anwandter, Balún, Os Mutantes, Davila 666, Easy Easy, Adanowsky, Tomasa Del Real, Coastcity,The Red Pears, Katzu Oso, The Marias & more. On this episode he shares his story and how got started as an agent, his influences, the Los Angeles scene, and more. Thanks to Christian for coming onto the podcast and chatting for a bit.  For more information on the NIVA visit https://www.nivassoc.org/take-action to sign the petition to help independent venues. Featured music by Banana Leaf Boy.

Episode 22: Karla T. Vasquez of SalviSoul

On this week’s episode we have Karla T. Vasquez, founder of SalviSoul. Karla T. Vasquez is a food writer, recipe developer, and food stylist based in Los Angeles. Her writing has been published by The Los Angeles Times, The San Francisco Chronicle, Teen Vogue, Eater LA., KCET among others. Her recipe development work can be seen in Buzzfeed Tasty and Tastemade. In 2015, she founded SalviSoul, a Salvadoran cookbook storytelling project focused on recipe documentation, cultural memory, and intergenerational healing for the Salvadoran diaspora. SalviSoul is now the only dedicated food platform for Salvadoran cuisine with weekly online cooking classes, events, and a forthcoming cookbook. On this episode Karla talks about her inspiration for SalviSoul, the role Los Angeles has played in her growth, getting escorted out of the Los Angeles Times building, and much more. Thanks to Karla for coming onto the podcast. Visit www.salvisoul.com to learn more. 

Episode 21: Producer Danny Balistocky [NORMANDIE ARCHIVE 2013]

From the Normandie Records Archives! This episode is from a conversation we had with Danny Balistocky back in 2013! Danny sat and chatted with us in his studio in Hollywood, CA. Danny is an audio engineer, music producer, and founder of Revolution 9 Recording Studios. In this conversation Danny talks about the business of music studios, branding your studio, keeping clients, the service driven major studios, recording budgets, what works as a home studio, and everything in between! Special episode, let us know if you enjoy this type of content. Leave us a review, and make sure to subscribe or follow! 

Episode 20: Supersnacksupreme

On today’s episode we have Supersnacksupreme, an instagram food blog that rates rare snacks from all over the world. Listen as we talk about the type of snacks that are featured on supersnacksupreme, our favorite food spots in Los Angeles, the places you have to try when you visit Los Angeles, the snack community, what makes the perfect snack, and tacos in Los Angeles. This was a fun conversation with @supersnacksupreme

Episode 19: Pamela of Pam + Mo

On this episode of the podcast we have Pamela, co founder of the brand Pam + Mo. Pamela talks to us about the foundation of her creativity, how Pam + Mo was created, the mission behind the brand, the example her parents set for her, creating a brand with her sister + more much. Thanks to Pam for coming onto the podcast and chatting a little bit. Support Pam + Mo and their products at https://www.pamnmo.com/

Episode 18: David Benitez of The Black Heartthrobs

On this episode we have David Benitez of The Black Heartthrobs. We talk with David about his experience as a songwriter, starting The Black Heartthrobs, growing up in Culver City, being part of the punk band Osker, Mexican parents during COVID, stalking celebrities, meditation, and yoga. This is a fun episode that features the songs “Cherry Coke” and “Mountains” by The Black Heartthrobs. Make sure to follow The Black Heartthrobs on Instagram @theblackheartthrobs

Episode 17: Cesar of Los Goths

On today’s episode we have Cesar. He manages the LA Based, Dark Wave, New Wave, post Punk instagram account, Los Goths. We talk about concert experiences, seeing Rage Against The Machine, the concert culture in Mexico City, living in the San Fernando Valley, managing bands in Los Angeles, cool record stores in East Los Angeles + more. Thanks to Cesar for coming onto the show.

Episode 16: Richard Villegas of Songmess

Richard Villegas is a journalist currently based out of Mexico City. His work has been published by Rolling Stone, Remezcla, and Bandcamp. He is also the host of the Latin Indie Podcast Songmess. On this episode of The Normandie Records Podcast we talk with Richard about some of the experiences that defined his career as a journalist, traveling all across Latin America, growing up in Dominican Republic, living in NYC, night life, learning about the indie scenes in many different countries, and much more. Thanks to Richard for coming on to the podcast. Follow Songmess on IG @SONGMESS Featured music: Gabriela Triste “Ramen Noodle”

Episode 15: Jay of Money Eye Entertainment

On this episode of the Normandie Records Podcast we have co-founder and CEO of Money Eye Entertainment. NEW EPISODE: From finding his way on the streets of South Belize City to launching an entertainment company in Los Angeles, to opening his own studio, selling CDs out of the trunk, and navigating various business endeavors with family, Jay takes us into his approach on life and business. This was a fun interview. Make sure to support Jay and his brand by following them on Instagram @money_eye_music. Thank you for listening to the Normandie Records Podcast!

Episode 14: Sister Mantos (Part 2 of 2)

This is part 2 of our interview with Sister Mantos! In this episode we talk more about the band today and their latest records, what helped launch the band, touring overseas, what it means to market to a Latinx community, making their latest concept record, Songs In The Key of Destroy Capitalism, advice for new musicians, what rage against the machine meant to the band and much more! Make sure to support Sister Mantos and follow them on social media. @sistermantos

Episode 13: Sister Mantos (Part 1 of 2)

Thank you for tuning in to The Normandie Records podcast! This episode is part 1 of 2 featuring Oscar of the Los Angeles based band, Sister Mantos. On this episode we go into the early musical influences for Sister Mantos, the music scene in the San Fernando Valley during the early 2000s, Metallica recording in the valley, Oscar’s first encounter performing with bands, the education system, origins of the name Sister Mantos, and what led to the formation of the band.  Featured music by Sister Mantos – “Quemame.”  Cover photograph taken by David Fearn http://www.davidfearn.com/

Episode 12: Facundo Vazquez of Audio Maldito

On this episode of the Normandie Records Podcast we have producer, songwriter, audio engineer and founder of Audio Maldito, a multi service audio and post production company. Facundo tells us about his story from being interested in gadgets from a young age to his journey in audio production as an adult. Facundo also talks about his musical interest, being a mentor to younger musicians, and the music culture in Central America. Thanks to Facundo for coming onto the podcast.

Episode 11: Curly Velasquez

On this episode of the Normandie Records Podcast we have actor, producer, and PeroLike personality, Curly Velasquez. Curly discusses his life during quarantine, how he worked his way up Buzzfeed, working with world famous photographer Dave LaChapelle, growing up in Hollywood, the many ways he finds inspiration, working on the hit show Vida + much more! This is a great episode and a must listen! Thanks to Curly for taking the time to chat. Follow Curly on Instagram @thecurlyvshow

Episode 10: Nicolette Smith

On this episode we interview singer songwriter, Nicolette Smith. We dive deep into her story growing up around a family of musicians, her growth as a songwriter, her first EP on Bandcamp, her experience as a Division 1 soccer player, overcoming three devastating ACL surgeries, the inspiration behind her latest song “Runaways,” studio sessions, and her lyrical content. This is one of our most favorite episodes! Thanks to Nicolette for coming onto the Podcast and going down memory lane. Her latest single, “Runaways” is out now on all streaming platforms

Episode 9: Alvaro Wong of WebJoint & Prime Scale Creative

On this episode, Alvaro Wong joins us to talk about the work he’s doing with WebJoint, a forward-thinking B2B software platform for cannabis brands. We  discuss the recent jump in sales for cannabis delivery during the COVID-19 pandemic, the social equity program by the department of cannabis regulation, the WebJoint documentary series “Up In Smoke,” Alvaro’s experience as a director, freelancer, and founder of marketing agency, Prime Scale Creative. This is one of the best episodes to date! Thanks to Alvaro for taking the time to chat about his experiences.  To learn more about Alvaro’s services and his agency visit www.primescalecreative.com  You can learn more about WebJoint visit www.webjoint.com

Episode 8: Patricia Alvarado, LPCC, LMHC

On this episode of the Normandie Records Podcast we talk to Patricia Alvarado, a mental health professional based in Los Angeles, CA. We discuss a few tools and exercises people can use while we navigate through these unpredictable times.  Huge thanks to Patricia for taking the time to discuss these sensitive topics. Thanks for listening! Stay safe, and keep calm everyone!

Episode 7: Reyna Zavala aka La Salvadoreina

On this episode we interview Reyna Zavala aka La Salvadoreina, songwriter, recording artist and brand designer from Washington DC. We were able to catch Reyna while she was in LA to chat about her story. We talked about her process in the recording studio, her relationship with academia, her brand Salvadoreina, and growing up in the DMV. Huge thanks to La Salvadoreina for coming onto the podcast! Make sure to follow her on instagram @lasalvadoreina

Episode 6: Sneaker Collector, and Entrepreneur Robert Warbux

From selling beats to selling sneakers. Our first podcast episode of the year features Robert Warbux, an entrepreneur, and Los Angeles native. In this conversation we discuss the good,bad, and the ugly in the world of re-selling sneakers, hip hop preferences, and the motivation behind 2nd generation entrepreneurship.   Intro music by Spuk and Audio Maldito.

Episode 5: Meet The Host, Erick Sanchez

For the last episode of the year, host Erick Sanchez goes solo on his first episode without a guest. Learn more about the host as he dives into some of his most memorable experiences with music. From recording with a 4-track, to his first lesson in a recording studio, he talks about his decision to go to college, and other important experience on this musical creative journey. 

Episode 4: Linda Nuves of Chulita Vinyl Club and Radio Pulgarcito

On this episode we have DJ Linda Nuves. We dive into her story of navigating through the Los Angeles underground scene as an event promoter, blogger, DJ, and musician. She talks about her father’s musical influence, a very important trip to Canada, joining Chulita Vinyl Club, and starting the DJ collective Radio Pulgarcito. This is a super fun episode I hope you all enjoy it. 

Episode 3: Gloria Figueroa

On this episode our guest is Gloria Figueroa, host of the Salvadoran American Podcast, Radio No Jodas (@radionojodas) and also the host of our docu-series Somos Arte: The Creative Movement of El Salvador (@somosartedoc). We talked with Gloria about her experience growing up in Highland Park, the inspiration behind her podcast, her relationship with education, how a special course at ELACC changed her path, Green Day, and much more. We also took some time to reflect on our time in El Salvador filming our documentary. This is a special episode! Consider it part 1! Thanks to everyone for listening please make sure to follow or subscribe and tell your friends!

Episode 2: Justin Foronda of HiFi Kitchen

This episode we have owner of Hi Fi Kitchen,  Justin Foronda. We talk about Justin’s early days as a musician, how he applies b-boying in everything he does, idolizing Billie Joe Armstrong, why Historic Filipinotown means so much to him, growing up in Los Angeles as Filipino American, launching a brunch pop up, getting to feed one of his idols, why being a nurse is so important to him and the constant search for balance as a business owner and entrepreneur. Huge thanks to Justin for coming on to the podcast. There are some real gems on this episode. Make sure you follow Hi Fi Kitchen at https://www.instagram.com/hifikitchen/

Episode 1: Maria Blues

Our first guest on The Normandie Records Podcast is the amazing Maria Blues! We talk about how she started her musical career, her experience in the South Central Los Angeles backyard ska scene, her favorite album, her inspiration, tacos in Los Angeles, and the role Nirvana’s Nevermind played in her musical growth.